Frequently asked questions


I have installed the agent software and added the DVR but in the mobile app, I could not see the health of my surveillance system. Why?

After installing agent software, it needs to be added to a group. Only group admin has privilege to add an agent to a group

Health monitoring agent installation

What are the prerequisites for installing agent software?

OS should be Windows 7 SP1 or higher. You need to have an internet connection in the machine where the agent is running.

Do you support only analog camera ?

Yes, we do support analog and digital cameras.

I have installed the agent software but not able to register

Please contact our support team to check whether your email address is configured

I have installed the agent software. I have to add the dvr to monitor the analog cameras. How can I do that ?

Please click here to see the set up video for the agent software and adding devices.

Do I need configure health monitoring ?

Yes, You need to have an internet connection in the machine where the agent is running. We have a stand-alone version called On Premise edition. You can contact our customer support for more details.

My surveillance system contains 2 NVRs and 48 IP cameras. Do I need to add each IP camera to the agent ?

No. You don’t have to add all the 48 cameras one by one. Instead you can just add the 2 NVRs and the cameras will be automatically detected

I have completed the set up and my surveillance system contains one DVR and 5 cameras. My DVR is an 8 channel one. I can see the channels which are not connected are shown as camera errors in the mobile app. Why ?

We check the connectivity by default and marks as error where a camera is not detected. However, you can go to the agent software "Camera details" tab and mark the connected status of the free channels to false. Once you set this up, the health status from those channels will be ignored.

I can see only HikVision, Dahua, CP Plus, IP camera in the camera type in agent software. Do you support only these agent types ?

We have full support for HikVision, Dahua, CP plus and basic health monitoring support for other brands.

Where can I find the the IP address of my DVR/NVR ?

Your DVR’s IP address and related information is all located in the DVR/NVR’s network menu. Make sure DHCP is disabled in the device

Where can I find the port related information of my DVR/NVR ?

By default the camera manufactures have a default port setting as below.

  • HikVision = 8000
  • CP Plus = 25001
  • Dahua = 37777

But this default port setting may be modified by your administrator and you can see the related information in the DVR/NVR’s network menu.

My DVR is in a local network and the agent software is in a remote location. Is it possible for me to set up monitoring?

Instead of IP address of DVR, you can use the public IP of the location where DVR is installed. In this case the tcp/server port of the dvr needs to be forwarded in the router. Also, the connectivity will depend on the stability of internet.

If you can port forward the DVR/NVR in the private network, you should be able to configure health monitoring.

We support all health issues except camera image quality check for all IP cameras. And yes, you need to select IP camera

What is port forwarding and how can I set up?

Port forwarding is a configuration setting in your router, that is essential to making your security DVR or NVR accessible from online using either your computer or mobile device. Depending on the manufacturer of your surveillance video recorder, it will use specific ports for web login, data communication, and video streaming to serve up the camera feed.

Smart Surveillance mobile application

How can I add more users to my mobile application ?

Go to the user management section and click on Add icon in top right corner. Only admin users have permission to invite other users to the group.

How can I raise a ticket for an issue ?

In the health page click on the ticket icon next to the device name. You can assign and raise the ticket. A mobile notification and email will be sent to the assigned person. There is option to send SMS also.

How can I close a ticket assigned to me?

Clicks on tickets in the menu. Select the assigned ticket. You can either give a planned date for attending the issue raised or can close the ticket for review. The ticket can be closed only by the person who has raised the ticket.

How can I configure my vendor email as recipient ?

First, the vendor needs to be invited to the group. Go to the ticket configuration section and select the group member and give a assignee group

What you mean by "Turn around time" ?

Turn around time is a measure of time taken to close the tickets raised.

How do I receive notifications in my mobile if my cctv device health status has changed ?

Navigate to configuration page. Click on notifications. Enable the notifications you like to receive.

Central monitoring application

My surveillance system contains HikVision and CP Plus cameras, can I use the Smart Surveillance Central monitoring to view both camearas in the same view ?

Yes, you can view any CCTV camera model with Smart Surveillance Central monitoring application.

When I login to Central Monitoring software, I can see an option called "Remote login". What is "Remote login" ?

This option is to view the video from the secondary cloud backup, if you are using secondary cloud backup feature

I have logged into central monitoring system, I clicked on devices and double clicked on the camera but no disply. Why ?

You have to create a view of required number of columns and rows first. Then you can drag and drop the cameras from the "Devices" section in each cell to view.