Renowned Indian NBFC trusts Smart Surveillance: Case Study


Client is a renowned NBFC in India with about 3600+ branches spread across different parts of India. They provide gold loan and other financial services to individuals and businesses. Hence these branches hold large amount of gold and cash at each location due to nature of business.
Each branch is equipped with 4-6 cameras and recorders. However, client faced several instances like thefts, break-in attempts, branch staff – customer issues, where in important video clip was not available. Most of the time either intruder damaged the cameras/recorders or at the time of incident equipment was not functional or waiting to be serviced.
Client decided to roll out Smart Surveillance in March 2016. As Smart Surveillance is offered as SaaS product hosted in Microsoft Azure, there was no need of upfront capital cost or dedicated hardware to deploy the solution. Users are offered Web dashboards and Mobile Applications (IOS & Android).

Real-Time Device Analytics & Ticketing

First step is to keep track of Surveillance Equipment asset spread across 3600+ locations and ensure 100% availability.

Client assigned 4-5 Service Providers to maintain 3600+ location distributed CCTV Surveillance System. Hence real-time information for asset was important for internal reviews and audits. Smart Surveillance helps in keep tracking of asset in real-time, which includes firmware version of recorder, hard-disk capacity, no of cameras connected, free channels available, camera frame rate etc. Also offers a password management module.

Electrical disturbances originating from power fluctuations, earthing issues, short circuits, poor wiring quality can lead to problems to sensitive parts of Surveillance equipment and often this goes unnoticed. On top of this organized crimes also leads to system down time. Hence it is important to ensure that responsible personal of Client is informed in real-time about any health issues. Upon notification team can check real-time status and raise tickets on vendors. Additionally, they can decide to inform security/vigilance team to be on alert. Smart Surveillance offers real-time notifications and real-time health reports in Mobile Devices & Web dashboards. On click ticketing to vendors helps easy ticketing & SLA monitoring via TAT dash boards.

With real-time device analytics & ticketing, client achieved consistent 98% uptime of Surveillance System.

Secondary Video Backup (On Premise & Cloud)

With uptime ensured, next challenge is to retrieve important clip even if intruders destroy recorders.

Smart Surveillance offers event-based (motion based) video backup to on premise and to cloud. In case of cloud backup, client can configure video compression and priority queue. This ensures system to work with very less bandwidth requirements. Client can prioritise camera ensuring a locker camera video going to cloud compared to outside which is will have lot of vehicle movement video clips.
Smart Surveillance has Video Capsule feature, which helps in reviewing hours of video in minutes.
Private & Secure Cloud Video player helps central IT team to immediately retrieve important video clips and share with internal security & law enforcement agency for quick actions. Cloud Video Player is assessible from Web Portal & Mobile applications.
Today entire client organization is used to getting an incident notified along with attached video clip.

Central Video Monitoring

Client has 14 Remote Command Centre And 1 Central Command Centre for remote monitoring of 3600+ branches.

Client employs 135+ monitoring staff working at 3 shifts using Smart Surveillance Central Video Monitoring. Feature like configurable views, automatic & time-based video pop ups, inherent multi- monitor & video wall support make life of monitoring person easy & efficient.
Advanced features like one click Functional/anomaly reporting, incident management works flows, and automated reporting comes handy. Smart Surveillance DDNS feature, helps in connecting locations with dynamic IP address.
With a combination of Real-Time device analytics + Ticketing and Central monitoring, client achieved consistent 87% remote visibility.

IT Audit & Networking Requirements

Smart Surveillance is designed to work on outbound communication and hence no port opening, or forwarding is needed. It is also easy to whitelist singed binaries of Smart Surveillance and outbound communication to Microsoft Servers. Hence IT team at client side didn’t have much hassle in maintaining the system.